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TeleMedicine Benefit Program

What is the TBA TeleMedicine Program?
The program enables you to consult with licensed board-certified physicians to receive a diagnosis and treatment via phone or video for a multitude of medical conditions. You’ll receive healthcare according to YOUR schedule. There are no additional costs beyond the enrollment fee!

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Who can be covered?
TBA Members, their employees and immediate family members; there is no additional cost for
immediate family members.

Can I access care anytime?
Yes! You’ll receive quality healthcare 24/7, without having to leave your home or office. No more sitting in a waiting room full of sick people. If needed, prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Which conditions can be addressed?
Examples of conditions include, but are not limited to abrasions, allergies, back and neck pain, bronchitis, cough, sore throat, COVID-19 or common cold/flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, eye infections (e.g. pink eye), head lice, headaches/migraines, insect bites and stings, minor skin conditions or rashes, and painful urination (e.g. urinary tract infections).

What is the cost?
The cost for unlimited one-on-one consultations for you and your immediate family members is only $6.95 per month via bank draft, or at a reduced annual cost of $79. There are no additional costs…no office visit fees or co-pays!

Can I offer this plan to my employees?
Yes! TBA Members can offer the TeleMedicine program to all employees. The cost is $6.95 per employee, per month and includes the employee’s immediate family. The cost is employer-paid and is paid via monthly bank draft.

Why should I offer this plan to my employees?
This is a great low cost employee benefit that will help you attract and retain valuable employees. Furthermore, it helps to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. As an employer-paid benefit, it’s less than $0.05 per hour, per employee.

How do I enroll?