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Group Life, AD&D and Disability

Group Life ADD and DI for Tennessee lawyersMany lawyers have discovered the value of adding group disability coverage to supplement their individual disability policy. By adding an additional $5,000, 10,000 or even up to $15,000 a month in disability benefits, these lawyers are able to bridge some or all of the ‘protection gap” they have between their current income and their individual disability insurance coverage. Furthermore, this is an added benefit for your staff.

The death of a family provider can mean that a family will not only find itself facing loss of a loved one, but also the loss of financial security. An additional death benefit that pays in the event a covered employee dies or is dismembered in an accident may also be added. Through a variety of available plan options, we are able to help meet both your needs, as well as those of your staff, by offering competitive rates, affording a family the security they can depend on at a time they need it the most.

Let us help you in the design and the implementation of a comprehensive group insurance package for your firm.


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